Do you offer a military discount?

Yes we do. To honor those who have served in our military we are offering a discount on all products. Please call or e-mail us for the discount code.

Do you offer free shipping like J--s & S-----?

Very few of our competitors actually offer free shipping. Although they advertise it they make up for this cost elsewhere in the order. We charge a fair price for shipping that is calculated by product weight and priced directly from the shipping companies website. We do not charge a handling or box fee. This is how most of the other "free Shippers" make the money back. Next time you are on a free shipping site look closely at the total before clicking confirm.

 Do you offer sponsorships?

Currently we do not. We are a small family operation and cannot justify the dollars required for a decent sponsorship package. We will however, be offering a drawing each month for everyone that signs up for our newsletter. The prize will vary from month to month. So make sure you check off the newsletter box when you register your account!

FRAGOLA - There are so many companies selling AN fittings, what makes the brand you carry better?

Yes its true. Recently the market has become flooded with companies marketing AN fittings and supplies. This is due to the fact that many of them are made in Asia by the same manufacturer who private labels them for the majority. Our fittings are made right here in good ole Connecticut USA by a company named Fragola Performance Systems. Each part is machined in-house to Military specs and is made from certified material. The fit and finish of these parts are like fine jewelery. The Fragola family believes in American craftsmanship and won't sacrifice it for larger profit margins.

FRAGOLA - What does the "AN" mean under the Fragola parts description?

AN stands for Army Navy and was a standardized designation created during World War II for the manufacture of hydraulic fittings for aircraft. The dash sizes correlate to the standard size in 16ths of an inch. So a -8AN would mean 8/16ths of an inch or 1/2" i.d.

 Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to addresses in the US and several other select countries. If your country is not listed in the pull down box during checkout, this means we are not cleared to ship there. We are limited to these areas due to risk of fraud. If you live outside of these areas please contact us about purchasing and we will make a determination as to the risk.

Why should I buy from you?
First off,we are not affiliated with any "large" chains. We are an independent retailer of quality performance products made in the USA and Europe. Secondly, We are car nuts ourselves, so we won't sell cheap crap because we started this business get away from it! Third, We test each product on our own cars BEFORE we offer it to you. Lastly, by purchasing from us you are helping to keep the American dream alive!

Is engine coolant the same as antifreeze?
No. Though engine coolant and antifreeze serve the same purpose—to keep your engine from freezing up or overheating—they are not the same. Antifreeze is a concentrated glycol-based solution that must be diluted with water before use. Engine coolant is a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water so no dilution is necessary.

Can I add water to my engine coolant?
Engine coolant is already pre-diluted with water, so no addition is necessary. Though a little bit of water added to the engine coolant won’t cause damage, adding too much will reduce its effectiveness.